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What do you hope to accomplish with your money? What does your ideal retirement look like? Your financial plan depends on your goals and vision for the future.

To better understand that vision, it starts with seeing the big picture. We’ll begin by talking about the things that matter to you, your hopes and concerns, and the expected timelines you have for everything.

For 20 years and counting, Todd Kiry has helped people from all walks of life reach their goals and become more confident about their financial freedom. How can we assist you in your financial journey?

If you’re ready to discuss your situation, please call us at (856) 816-6525 to request a short conversation with Todd. This is 100% about you, learning about where you are and what you hope to achieve.

To put things in perspective, we need to build a complete picture of your finances, including your assets and how they work together, your current plan and how it is performing, and your expectations for now and the years ahead.

If necessary, we can refer you to tax professionals, mortgage officers, and attorneys in our network to guide you on other aspects of your financial affairs.

Retirement Planning

Nowadays, people are living longer. As a result, retirement has changed, and now your financial plan needs to be ready for that increased timespan.

With your goals in mind, our Hammonton Financial team will create a personalized strategy that can last you for 30 years or longer. Your plan can help reduce your portfolio losses, offer long-term growth potential for your money, and pay you guaranteed income for as long as you need it.

Whether you’re a lone retiree wanting a comfortable lifestyle or you’re needing a plan for your financial needs as a couple, we’ll help you solve the challenges of your unique retirement situation.

401(k) and Qualified Plan Rollovers

When you move on from the workplace, one decision to make is what you will do with your old employer retirement plan. You tend to have a variety of options for your money.

You can keep it in the plan, you can move it to a new or alternative company plan, or you can convert the account in-plan to a Roth account (if your employer allows this). Two other possibilities are that you can take a lump-sum distribution (and pay taxes on the entire balance), you can move your money into a Roth IRA (and pay some taxes now for tax-free income later), or you can transfer the money from your employer plan into a traditional IRA.

The strategy that you used to grow your money for retirement may not work as well for you in retirement. Once you leave your full-time career, your portfolio and savings will replace the income you received from your paycheck or business earnings.

Collecting lifetime income and enjoying the hard-earned fruits of your work are what is important in retirement. As part of building a personalized retirement strategy for you, we can help you weigh your options with your employer retirement plan money.

College Planning

Apart from retirement, planning for your children’s education can be stressful. At Hammonton Financial, we can help you uncover productive ways to pay for a college education with tax advantage. These options could potentially help your budding college student qualify for financial support.

Wealth Accumulation Strategies

Time stands still for no one. The sooner you begin to squirrel savings away for retirement, the more time your money will have to grow and accumulate. We can assist you in determining what options might make sense for your goals. With our help, see how you can protect your money in a diversified financial strategy while enjoying long-term growth potential.

Estate Planning

Legacy and estate decisions can be emotional and hard to deal with. At Hammonton Financial, we’ll help you create a well-thought-out distribution plan for your loved ones for when you are longer here.

Putting a plan in place will help ensure that your wishes are carried out. Your loved ones can be spared further heartache, grief, and lost time in dealing with your assets.

You can work with our attorney referral partner, or we’ll be glad to work alongside your own. Todd will guide you through this complex process, making sure you understand your options and having things in place for a proper estate transfer.

We can also discuss with you strategies to protect your assets, transfer your wealth to your heirs efficiently, and keep your estate transfer as tax-advantaged as possible.

Tax-Efficient Retirement Strategies

Benjamin Franklin said it best: The two things that we can be certain of in life are death and taxes. For many households nearing retirement, taxes may be the single largest expense they will face in their golden years.

At Hammonton Financial, we understand the importance of maximizing your hard-earned retirement income and keeping more of what’s yours. Put our experience to work for you, and we can help you reduce your tax burden while lowering future ‘tax drag’ on your retirement money.

Ready for personal assistance with your financial well-being? Call Todd at Hammonton Financial today to discuss your situation and what you hope to achieve, all at no obligation to you. You can reach us directly by calling (856) 816-6525.